Business 101: All You Must Know About Hiring A Corporate Photographer!

“Branding” is a real word. As a company, you are probably spending a lot of money on marketing, and one of the core components for promotions and advertising is photography. You need to ensure that your brand is presented well, and for that, you have to consider hiring a reliable corporate photographer. The role of a corporate photographer is to ensure that your business and people are represented correctly. They will take professional photos of your premises, portraits and headshots of people, which will be used for varied print and non-print materials. There are varied corporate photography services out there, and here are some of the aspects you need to know.

Working with a corporate photographer

Most corporate photography services will evaluate the needs of your business and offer an estimate for the job. This is a onetime job, so you can expect to pay a fixed price per contract. In most cases, the price is fixed for headshots and corporate portraits, typically not expanding more than $200 per person. The volume of work also determines the price that you pay. Collaboration is what you should seek when you look for a corporate photographer. Keep in mind that a team might be great at the job they do, but unless their expertise doesn’t really match the needs of your brand, you can hardly expect any results.

Tips for hiring

There are many services around, but make sure to do your homework. First things first, most corporate photographers don’t work on a per day basis, unless of course, they are shooting an event. You want to be sure that they know what it takes to distinguish one headshot from another. We would highly recommend that you check for corporate photographers in advance, so that you can discuss your requirements in detail and ask them how long would it take to edit the images. Check if the concerned service can get the project done at your workplace, or can arrange for a studio if need be. The estimate should be inclusive of everything, including cost of equipment, setup, and post production work.

A corporate photographer can represent your brand through images, and that’s a huge advantage, and you should find the right service that’s open to discussing their work. Ask for client references, and don’t shy away from checking some of the work they have done so far, with sample pictures and shoots.